Nikko G Nib


The Nikko G nib is a classic nib suitable for beginners or advanced calligraphers (Stacy uses this nib for most of her commissions!).

This is the nib that is provided at all of Stacy’s workshops and in her starter kits.

Care Instructions

You nib may come coated in a fine layer of oil which helps prevent it from rusting and keeps it in pristine condition before it gets to you. To remove this, either wash gently with washing up liquid, warm water and a fine toothbrush or paintbrush or, alternatively, stab it gently into a potato!

Once you have used your nib, always make sure you:

  • Remove it from your nib holder
  • Wash off all ink (water will usually suffice)
  • Dry thoroughly

When to replace your nib

Your nib should last a pretty long time (actual time differs based on usage). A sure sign that you need to replace your ink is when the ink stops flowing consistently, ‘splodges’ frequently or your fine upstrokes become thicker without additional pressure.

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