3 Unique Wedding Stationery Shapes: 2022 Trends

Posted: 10 Feb 2022

In the last year or so couples have begun turning more and more towards non-traditional elements for their celebrations, and embracing items like unique wedding stationery as part of a modern, design-led approach to styling their day. In 2022 I think we’ll see lots more brightly coloured stationery (more on that another day…) and a fall in popularity of the classic oblong! Making a simple design switch like changing the shape of your stationery can be really impactful – here are 3 unique wedding stationery shapes you could try to be right on trend at your 2022 wedding.


Circular Wedding Stationery

Traditionally, wedding signage has four sides and four corners – the image of a quirky ‘welcome’ quote on a big board propped up on an easel is well known and loved. For something a little bit different, why not consider ordering your signage in a circular shape? These can be created from acrylic, wood or foamex depending on the style and colour you’re going for, and have a really impactful effect! You could even get creative with how you display it, choosing to hang, suspend or prop it somewhere instead of resting it on a stand. 


bold, pink circular wedding sign
unique wedding stationery; circular place cards

Unique Wedding Stationery: Place Cards

Another element of your day which works really well as circular, unique wedding stationery is the humble place card. Gone are the days when the place card had to be a folded rectangle of card containing a typed guest name; the table is now your metaphorical oyster! Circular place cards are great because they add interest, which means your guests are more likely to want to take them home. This in turn means less waste from your wedding, which is a big tick for sustainability. They can also be layered up with other table stationery such as menus, using different shapes to create a stylish, trendy place setting without much other decor needed!

Using Angles For Effect

Another unique wedding stationery design idea is to work your angles! A really simple way to elevate rectangular stationery is to remove corners, which looks even better when there’s something intriguing behind it. Revealing monograms or initials behind the missing corner looks great in clashing colours, like these menu cards. This is another way to ‘jazz’ up your table settings for a contemporary wedding design.


Arch-Shaped Wedding Stationery

My final unique wedding stationery shape is the arch. Arch shaped pieces look really elegant, and can be layered up to create multidimensional place settings or signage clusters. They’re a little softer than standard rectangular elements, and can be dressed with decor and florals to make them a statement piece. It’s also becoming increasingly popular to use half arches; these can be key to a great layered feature because they’re so versatile.

unique wedding stationery for place settings, arch shaped menus

These unique wedding stationery shapes are set to be a big trend for 2022, and there’s no reason why you can’t use them as a straightforward and impactful way to elevate the lettered lovelies on your big day. You can even combine these shape trends, using different dimensions of arches alongside circles…let’s get creative with it! To chat about all things trendy, get in touch and we’ll see what shapes we can make!