Handwritten Wedding Signage

Sometimes, it’s the little touches that make a difference to your big day. Welcome signs, notes, cake signs or handwritten quotes around your venue help to make your wedding day truly unique.

Welcome signs

Give your guests an official welcome or a personalised message as they arrive for your wedding ceremony.

Order of the day

Make sure guests know where they need to be with a stunning order of the day sign


Add some personality to your day by spreading some  quotes or meaningful song lyrics around your venue

Food & Drinks

Let people know what’s on offer in your evening buffet or any special drinks at the bar

So many options for your wedding signage!

Answering your questions about signage

(If you have any other questions, please contact me)

Yes. Obviously you will need to get it to me, but I can essentially letter on anything so give me a shout and we can agree a reduced price as I won’t be supplying materials.

This really depends on size and the number of words. As a rough guide though, an A2 welcome sign, with a basic welcome message, the date and a short message from the bride and groom starts at £50.

Yes! I have large and small sheets of perspex that I can hire, including tailored text just for you.

This is entirely up to you, the more personal the better I say. If there’s a special quote you and your partner like, a song lyric, in-house joke then you can use those. If you need any inspiration though, I can always help. Signs should be personal to your day so the sky is the limit.

Contact me to talk about wedding signage

If you have a specific requirement, or would like to get a quote for wedding signage, then please use my contact form or use the details below.