Wedding Breakfast Menus

Let your guests know what’s coming with the addition of a beautiful menu at the table setting. These can either be handwritten or printed and can come in a variety of formats and designs.

To fold or not to fold

Well this depends entirely on how you want your table set up for your wedding breakfast. Menus can be folded and stood for the table to share, or can be flat and personalised for each guest.


The most popular menu materials are paper/card, perspex, chalkboard and vellum. However, I love a challenge so if you’d like something else then get in touch.

Handwritten or printed calligraphy?

This one is pretty much dictated to by budget. Handwritten menus add a beautiful, personal touch to your table, but handwriting a menu for each guest can be expensive. I can also just handwrite some elements of calligraphy (headers, for example) or print my calligraphy to keep costs down.

Make an enquiry

Get in touch if you'd like to order some menus

If you would like to talk me through your requirements, or would like to order something you’ve seen on the site. Then get in touch!

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