Handwritten Table Plans

One of the first things your guests see after the ceremony will be the table plan. Not only do these need to be practical and, more importantly, readable but they can also make a statement all on their own. Think clear acrylic with a painted back to match your theme, surrounded by dried florals. Or a mirror adorned with white calligraphy. Perhaps some varnished wood to suit your rustic theme? The options really are endless.

Handwritten or print?

I can do both but personally I recommend handwritten. The simple reason is that seating plans often change at the last minute and it’s much easier to change a handwritten table plan, especially if it’s done on individual pieces of card or perspex.


As much as I’d love to have a whole table plan written in calligraphy, the simple fact remains that, when done too small, calligraphy can be difficult to read (especially for people with poor eye sight). Therefore, I’d always recommend regular font for individual names, with touches of calligraphy on the rest of the plan

Table plan or escort cards?

The choice is completely yours. Table plans display where your guests are sitting, whereas escort cards are individual cards with your guests name and table displayed, which they then take with them to the table. Of course, you may also want to use place cards if you want your guests to sit at a specific seat at the table.

How much do table plans cost?

This depends completely on how many guests you have, how much is handwritten and the materials involved. A rough guide though, is £1 per name but please contact me with your specific requirements for a more accurate quote.

frosted acrylic table plan

Stacy put together a handwritten perspex table plan for us. It was the perfect welcome for guests as they entered the wedding breakfast, with many commenting that it was the nicest table plan they’d seen.


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