Virtual Flourishing Workshop – 17th May


Monday 17th May

8 – 9pm

Have you taken a beginners calligraphy course or been practising calligraphy for a while and feel a bit stuck? Looking to find a way to add style and flair to your lettering? Then this is the session for you!

Join us for an evening of flourishing guidance and practice. In this virtual workshop, I will take you through:

  • Warm ups / drills specifically to help flourishing muscle memory
  • Principles of flourishing
  • Examples of flourishes for ascenders / descenders / cross bars and mid / end letters
  • Live word writing with a flourishing focus

Which level is this session for?

We won’t be going through basic letter forms or drills so as long as you are comfortable with those, then this course will be suitable for you.

How will I access the session?

You will receive an email on the day of the event with your zoom link to join the session.

I look forward to seeing you there!